AOM Australia is an Australian company active within the AOM Group as the dedicated competence center in commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration solutions. With hundreds of recent projects in commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration systems – from large hotel developments to small cafes – both in Australia and internationally, we have developed the experience and expertise required to support all projects.

In Australia the restaurant market is continually evolving in order to offer new cooking styles and tastes to consumers. A dominant tendency is the introduction of more “extreme” cooking methods such as large char grilling and / or solid fuel cooking. Commercial kitchen exhaust is becoming more challenging to handle. At the same time, local governments are tightening regulations to discharging commercial kitchen exhaust emissions. Large developers are also seeing the need to minimise the nuisance of commercial kitchen exhaust, as large scale mix used developments see commercial and residential spaces more and more entwined.

The AOM Australia vision is to develop the next generation of exhaust and filtration products adapted to changing market needs.  Working based on the stringent Australia/New Zealand Standards AS 1668.2-2012 for mechanical design of commercial kitchens, our products and solutions meet the requirements of all other major international Codes and Standards.

Our product development is based upon our extensive experience and industry expertise, as well as ongoing research projects conducted in collaboration with Australian Universities.

Our dedicated team of experts are able to work with our Clients throughout the project life cycle to develop optimal product selections and guarantee the ultimate product performance. Ultimately, we want our products to offer peace of mind to all project stakeholders – we manage the exhaust so that commercial kitchens focus on the cooking.

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  • Because every project has vastly different requirements, AOM has evolved into A One Stop Shop for all commercial kitchen exhaust requirements – with an extended range of products to guarantee the selection of the most adapted solution


  • We back our products with a range of services to guarantee performance and customer satisfaction