AOM Australia Supplies AOM Singapore with Signature HCFO Exhaust Hoods

When global brand Les Amis Group needed new kitchen exhaust hoods for 2 of their tenancies in the Shaw centre in Singapore they looked no further than AOM.

AOM Singapore facilitated the supply of the exhaust hoods designed here at AOM Australia.

Both the new Indigo Blue and Tenjin restaurants installed AOM Australia’s HCFO hoods. HCFO hoods combine inbuilt filtration and ozone generation to remove smoke particles and mitigate odour at the hood level. HCFO hoods remove the need for plant rooms and complex base build engineering. A custom designed HCFO hood gives the tenancy flexibility to be able to use a range of cooking types as it doesn’t rely on building filtration systems.

AOM Australia currently supplies high performance kitchen exhaust hoods throughout Asia and the Middle East.