Air & Odour Management Australia (AOM Australia) is a commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration one-stop-shop products provider capable of designing solutions and to guaranteeing their performance.

Furthermore, our aim to be a leader in developing innovative and sustainable solutions to commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration.

Our range of products ensure that we can supply the adapted equipment for each individual project.

Product categories
Our products are split within the following categories:

  • Hood: Depending on the requirements, our range of performance low velocity hoods that can be equipped with UV filters, Electrostatic filters and Ozone injection.
  • Filters: Our range of high performance exhaust air filtration equipment including our SCRUBBOX range of electrostatic precipitators, Autowash electrostatic precipitators, in-duct UV solutions as well as our hood grease filters.
  • Odour: Mitigating kitchen exhaust odour is a challenge. Our range of products include Ozone Generators and Carbon modules
  • Vent: In addition to our range of fans and vsd, AOM have developed innovative technologies to optimise a kitchen exhaust system in order to improve usability and energy efficiencies.

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