AOM AutoClean Electrostatic Precipitators

AOM range of self-cleaning electrostatic precipitators for high efficiency kitchen exhaust filtration

Product Description

Self-wash cycles to eliminate filter replacement and electrostatic precipitator cell cleaning
Programmable cleaning cycles and connections to water and waste allow for the units to run independently and eliminate the need for third party cleaning of the cells and filters. BMS connections allow for the real time status information.

Up to 99% air filtration efficiency
Based on ASHRAE Standard 52.1-1992 Method of Testing General Ventilation Air Cleaning Devices with corresponding low system resistance.

Superior quality and construction
AOM distributes the internationally recognised AQE USA range of AutoClean units which are manufactured and tested in USA. The units are highly durable to minimise servicing requirements.

Stackable customized modules provide design and installation flexibility for any size installation 
The units can also be followed with AOM Ozone Generators or customised Carbon Filter banks for odour mitigation.


Hyatt Regency, Sydney

AOM Australia equipped the Hyatt Regency at 161 Sussex St Sydney with Auto Clean electrostatic precipitators for the filtration of...