AOM T Series ECOBOX, SCRUBBOX, CARBONBOX and MISTBOX units licensed Made in Australia


AOM Australia’s commitment to local manufacturing becomes a reality with Made in Australia License

COVID-19 has opened up a major crack in our local economy which is in part due to our high reliance on imported manufactured products from Asia. Importing of large manufactured equipment is now particularly difficult and lead times for stock and parts have sky rocketed.

AOM Australia has taken this time to design and develop our range of locally made commercial kitchen exhaust filtration equipment.

The current business case to Australian Made

The decision to move the company in this direction – which included significant investments in space, machinery and labour – was not an easy one, but the reasoning behind it feels right:

  1. Improved quality: manufacturing locally to get full control over the full lifecycle of product manufacturing and take control over quality. Controlling the part supply chain is vital to ensuring final product quality
  2. Increased flexibility and customisation: taking control over manufacturing means we can customise equipment to meet any project requirement.
  3. Competitive pricing: the current economic climate with the low Australian dollar and significant future trade risks mean that their is no better time to build locally and get control over our pricing.
  4. Just plain better: a better finished product (made in a stainless steel body), using better parts from trusted local suppliers with the in house design and manufacturing expertise means that AOM Australia can provide a better product throughout the equipment lifecycle.

The AOM T Series range – licensed Made in Australia products

There is no better feeling than manufacturing a product and sticking the Made in Australia license sticker on it! Our T Series range has been approved as a Made in Australia product (license number: 11096). This includes the following equipment:

  • AOM T Series ECOBOX units including the ECOBOX+ and ECOBOXeasy range of high performance filters.
  • AOM T Series SCRUBBOX electrostatic precipitators
  • AOM T Series CARBONBOX carbon modules
  • AOM T Series MISTBOX misting modules

So get in touch with AOM Australia to get a feel for the Australian Made difference – Contact Us.