AOM range of performance commercial kitchen exhaust hoods

The AOM HC Series range of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are high performance low velocity hoods fully certified to Australian Standards AS1668.2-2012 as Type 7 Proprietary Type hoods.

Based on German guideline VDI 2052 for the calculation of the hood airflow, the HC Series commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are designed to minimise the exhaust air requirements thus decreasing the overall energy consumption of the exhaust system. The exhaust hoods are manufactured based on the specific cooking lines.

Manufactured in 304 stainless steel panels to a high quality finish, the commercial kitchen exhaust hoods integrate well into cutting edge interiors. Alternatively, AOM offers the possibility to fully customise the look and finish of the exhaust hoods.

The HC Series hoods are supplied as different models depending on the in-hood filtration equipment required:

  • The simple HCE Series model includes the AOM HS range of high performance stainless steel grease filters available as either low resistance honeycomb filters or baffle filters that are certified to act as a flame barrier.
  • The HCE Series modular hoods are equivalent to HCE Series hoods but available as off the shelf modules for a cheaper supply price and significantly lower manufacturing lead times.
  • The HCU Series model adds UV filtration within the exhaust hood, in order to decrease exhaust emission grease contamination at the source.
  • The high performance HCFO Series model integrates high efficiency electrostatic filtration within the exhaust hood to achieve up to 98% filtration efficiencies on grease and smoke particles. In addition, ozone can be injected within the hood structure to mitigate odour emissions in order design engineered kitchen exhaust solutions for non compliant discharge points, or to minimise the nuisance risk of kitchen exhaust emissions.