AOM OG Series Ozone Generators

High efficiency ozone generators for effective odour mitigation of commercial kitchen exhaust

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Product Description

High ozone production with low running cost
AOM Ozone Generators use corona discharge high voltage in order to produce unstable molecules of ozone from oxygen available in ambient air. Two units are available, the OG35 and OG50, capable of producing 35 g/hr and 50 g/hr of ozone respectively.

Independently tested allowing for AS1668.2-2012 Engineered Solutions
Together with the AOM EAN electrostatic precipitators, the AOM Ozone Generators were tested on McDonalds kitchen exhaust achieving odour  mitigation of up to 80%.

Easy to install, operate and maintain
The AOM Ozone Generators inject ozone into the kitchen exhaust ducting. In this regard, they are located outside of the contaminated airflow meaning that the required maintenance is minimal. The AOMOzone Generators can be hung up against a wall and connected to the exhaust duct using PVC piping.

Installation requirements

  • A two (2) second contact time is required prior to discharge in order for the ozone to effectively mitigate odour emission.
  • Ozone Generators should always be interlocked with the exhaust fan.
  • The sensitivity to odour strongly varies between different people. If exhaust discharge points are highly sensitive, it is recommended to prepare an Odour Impact Assessment study in order to define the treatment requirements which will depend upon multiple factors such as local weather and dispersion factors, distances to intakes and or odour receptors, intensity of the discharge, etc.


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