ClientRibs & Burgers

 A boutique casual dining restaurant that specialises in mouth-watering slow cooked Ribs and Burgers.

Ribs & Burgers

The Rocks, Sydney

Ribs & Burgers at The Rocks, is one of eleven highly rated burger and rib locations across Sydney and one of six AOM has supplied commercial kitchen exhaust equipment to and continue to service on a regular basis. From a kitchen exhaust point of view flipping burgers generates a large amount of particles that need to be filtered. These particles are easily filtered using AOM Australia supplied SCRUBBOX technology.

Ribs & Burgers in it’s Rocks location created a challenge for AOM Australia. Due to the restaurant location being in the basement of a heritage building it meant it was very difficult to put in an exhaust and filtration system that would perform to the required level. Space was limited and cutting into ceilings was not an option. The one thing that the heritage building did have was high ceilings.

SCRUBBOX electrostatic precipitators were installed overhead in the ceiling space of the dining room adding to the dining areas industrial decor and also providing easy maintenance access.

The AOM service team performs a service of the electrostatic precipitators every 10 days. This allows Ribs & Burgers to focus on cooking great burgers and delicious ribs.

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