GYG Adelaide – Behind all those hands and all those burritos is an AOM HC Series Hood


AOM Australia is proud to have added a new Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria restaurant to its list of tenancies equipped with our exhaust and filtration equipment.

The first GYG Adelaide tenancy on King William St, recently had its traditional opening Free Burrito Day. A national record of burritos served was established. In the first hour, over 900 burritos were served to a long queue of eager customers. Check out the opening day video here: GYG Adelaide

And behind all that hard work and entertainment, AOM exhaust and filtration equipment made sure that all smoke and grease emissions were captured and treated prior to discharge. The store is located in central Adelaide and the discharge point is critical. Thus ensuring that the opening day party was not ruined by smoke discharges.

More information on the full involvement of AOM with GYG can be found on our project page here: Guzman Y Gomez