Let the cooking intensity automatically command the filtration equipment and the whole kitchen exhaust system.

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Product Description

Improved energy efficiency of the kitchen exhaust system
AOM INTAIR determines the cooking intensity of appliances under a kitchen exhaust hood and consequently commands filtration and ventilation equipment. This can either be programmed as:

  • Exhaust equipment ON as soon as cooking begins and OFF when cooking stops
  • Sequential equipment use with varying fan speeds (using a VSD) and varying filtration intensity.

Optimal use of ozone for odour mitigation
Removing the risk of residual ozone discharges at the discharge point since ozone injection is tied to cooking intensity. Up to three ozone generators can connected to an AOM INTAIR system allowing for varying ozone injection up to 7500 l/s.

Improved usability of the kitchen exhaust systems
Particularly in situations where multiple tenancies are tied to one fan system. Up to three kitchen exhaust hoods can be connected to one automated system.

Easy to install and maintain
With in-hood sensors built into the AOM kitchen exhaust hoods and all components are discrete and simply connected using standard electrical cabling.




Probe connections

Allows for up to three in-hood probe connections allowing for the connections of up to three standard size kitchen exhaust hoods.

Ozone Generators

Allows for connection of up to three AOM OG Series Ozone Generators either model OG35 or OG50.

Fan / VSD connection

Allows for connection to all standard VSD and fans makes and models.

Interface PCB

AOM Custom made Interface PCB


Can be retro fitted into all AOM make HC Series Hoods
Can be integrated into AOM TOUCH for remote command and control of the exhaust system.
AOM OG Series Ozone Generators require electrical modifications to enable AOM INTAIR

Hurricanes Bar and Grill

AOM commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and filtration equipment have been installed in order to manage exhaust discharge for this new...

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