AOM HC Series Hoods

AOM HC Series Hoods are designed to be the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solution for kitchen exhaust air collection and treatment.

These hoods integrate flame-impeding Honeycomb Filters, Electrostatic Precipitators, and Ozone Generators (patented FILTRAIRTM technology) into a kitchen exhaust hood to effectively treat smoke, oil & grease and odor from cooking processes. It has been tested by The University of Sydney to have a filtration efficiency of 98%.

AOM’s patented ADDAIRTM technology contains cooking fumes within the hood, reducing exhaust airflow rates by up to 40%. Sensors may be installed to adjust exhaust fan speed and ozone output in accordance with the cooking intensity.

In addition, the hoods are certified to stringent Australian Standards AS 1668.2 and AS1530.1.

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Product Description

AOM HC Series Hoods treat smoke, oil & grease, and odor generated from cooking processes via AOM’s patented FILTRAIRTM technology (flame-impeding Honeycomb Filters, Electrostatic Precipitators, and Ozone Generators). AOM FILTRAIRTM technology has been tested and certified with 98% cleaning efficiency by The University of Sydney. The hoods are also certified to stringent AS 1668.2 and AS 1530.1 standards. AOM HC Series Hoods ensure that environmental impacts from cooking processes are kept to the minimum.

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AOM’s patented ADDAIRTM technology allows for exhaust airflow reduction of up to 40% as compared to conventional hoods. At the same time, cooking fumes are well-contained for effective treatment. Smoke and Heat Sensors may be installed to adjust exhaust fan speed and ozone output in accordance with cooking intensity.

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As hoods come with flame-impeding Honeycomb Filters, the risk of kitchen exhaust duct fire resulting from cooking processes is eliminated. A fire test of AOM’s stainless steel Honeycomb Filters is as follows:


A comparison of the internal cleanliness of a kitchen exhaust ductwork with and without AOM FILTRAIR technology 6 months after usage is shown below:


A short introductory video of the equipment is as follows:

AOM HC Series Hoods are customizable, thus specifications are project-dependent and provided upon consultation. Clientele includes:

AOM Hood Clientele

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