AOM ECOBOX Series fully integrated and customised filtration unit including the following options:

  • Multiple stage high efficiency particle filtration
  • Odour mitigation
  • Optional integrated exhaust fan / vsd, AutoWash feature on the electrostatic precipitators, AOM Remote Control, External weather protection
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Product Description

Misting module designed for solid fuel cooking to extinguish sparks and embers

  • Decrease the Fire Risk of an Exhaust System: a fine mist injected into the unit ensures that sparks or embers are extinguished prior to moving through the duct system where fuel (grease) has been accumulated in a highly oxygenated environment.
  • Minimising the risk of nuisance of exhaust discharges by integrating odour mitigation agents into the misting spray

AOM Australia has developed a unique technology to mitigate heavy contaminants produced by high heat loads such as solid fuel equipment and open flame cooking equipment.

As the cold mist acts as a spark arrestor and air cooler, the risk of fire in the ductwork is significantly decreased.

The AOM MISTBOX is designed to be used in conjuction with AOM SCRUBBOX electrostatic precipitators for particle filtration. Together with a final odour mitigation step either using AOM OG Series Ozone Generators or AOM CARBONBOX activated carbon modules, this has been proven to be a very efficient method of minimising smoke and odour discharges from heavy solid fuel cooking.



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