AOM ECOBOX Series fully integrated and customised filtration unit

AOM ECOBOX Series fully integrated and customised filtration unit including the following options:

  • Multiple stage high efficiency particle filtration
  • Odour mitigation
  • Optional integrated exhaust fan / vsd, AutoWash feature on the electrostatic precipitators, AOM Remote Control, External weather protection
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Product Description

AOM ECOBOX fully integrated filtration plant – one step ahead of the rest

AOM ECOBOX for the Little Sichuan tenancy QV Building Melbourne


AOM ECOBOX Series fully integrated and customised commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration units are custom designed and manufactured in Australia to the specific requirements of individual projects. Ideal for plant room or rooftop installs, the units come fully assembled on a solid based structure ready for simple input and output duct connections.

The filtration system is based around our range of SCRUBBOX electrostatic precipitators. These have been tested to International and Australian standards to proven high efficiency filtration of particles (grease). The SCRUBBOX range have been successful installed in hundreds of projects in Australia.

On the back of the confidence that we have in these filters, AOM Australia have designed a fully integrated filtration unit that can be customised with the following additional features:

  • High efficiency particle filtration: with single, double or triple pass electrostatic precipitators depending on the project requirements.
  • Odour mitigation using either the AOM OG Series Ozone Generators or the AOM CARBONBOX Series carbon modules. Both are independently tested to achieve high VOC (odour) removal.
  • Integrated exhaust fan equipped with VSD specified to the requirements of the kitchen exhaust system.
  • AutoWash allowing for programmable cleaning of electrostatic cells within the unit – thus decreasing the need for periodic maintenance of the system.
  • AOM Control allowing for remote monitoring and command of the performance of the filtration equipment.
  • Outdoor weather protection made from stainless steel, for roof mounted filtration plants.

AOM ECOBOX Series filtration plants are backed by AOM Australia in depth International and Australian independent testing results. More information is provided in AOM’s Engineering Bulletin publications. This includes:

  • Major R&D testing with the backing of the University of Sydney aimed at determining the composition of commercial kitchen exhaust and the effectiveness of main particle matter and odour abatement equipment currently used on the market.
  • Site and project specific independent testing results carried out to confirm AOM Australia equipment performance.
  • International testing protocols including ASHRAE 52.2-2017 and ISO 16890-2-2016.
  • Major international quality control testing protocols including CE, TUV, F, UL

AOM Australia will pursue R&D and testing in order to provide even more comprehensive performance guarantees to our Clients.

We call this Engineering Confidence.

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