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New ECOBOX Series pollution control units customised to the requirements of individual tenancies within the Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne. The units include inbuilt exhaust fan equipped with VSD. AOM Australia supplied, support the install and commissioning and carries out periodic maintenance and cleaning of the units.



QV Building Melbourne


New AOM ECOBOX Series fully integrated filtration plants installed in QV Building Melbourne

AOM Australia is supplying new tenancies in the QV Building located in CBD Melbourne with AOM ECOBOX fully integrated filtration plants. The filtration units are customised and include multiple filtration steps to ensure both high efficiency particle removal and odour mitigation. The units are equipped with an inbuilt exhaust fan and VSD.

Tenancies in the QV Building Melbourne have base build airflows ranging between 5000 – 6000 l/s. The ECOBOX units are custom designed to these airflows and to the high efficiency filtration requirements of the building management. Located in plant rooms with limited access, the units were supplied in parts and assembled within the plant room. AOM Australia provided on site support to the Client to ensure that the units were assembled correctly.

A first project success means that the QV Building now have confidence in AOM equipment and after sales support

A first tenancy, the Little Sichuan, was equipped following the removal from the plant room of an under-performing competitor’s product. Following the successful installation, commissioning and operation of an ECOBOX unit a second unit has been supplied for a subsequent new tenancy. AOM Australia included 1 year of periodic servicing and cleaning of the units within the supply price in order to guarantee performance.