Odour mitigation

The management of kitchen exhaust odour emissions is difficult. Whilst grease and smoke components are particles that can be filtered, odour is composed of a vast range of compound gases. Each commercial kitchen odour emission is therefore unique.

Furthermore, the perception and the sensitivity of different odours differs from one person to another.

Restaurants like the idea of a emitting a nice cooking smell which can attract clientele. This is often opposed by local residents or business who do not appreciate the smell of grilled meats each and every day. Complaints about the nuisance occurred often results in Councils cracking down on Restaurants. In Australian and New Zealand standards, kitchen exhaust emissions should not be a “nuisance” – term which is also difficult to quantify.

AOM offers a range of products based on our industry experience, that have been proven to mitigate commercial kitchen exhaust odour. AOM also offers independent testing results to back our claims and allow for Engineers and Certifiers to  specify and certify proven.