About Us

Tailoured solutions built on expertise and experience

Air & Odour Management Australia (AOM Australia) is a fully integrated commercial kitchen exhaust competence center active in the AOM Group. We offer a large range of exhaust and filtration products and services.

AOM Australia has developed over the years a large experience in commercial kitchen exhaust projects. We therefore know that the main project challenges to commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration projects are:

1. Choosing the right exhaust and filtration equipment

Each project is unique with different partners, site specificities, engineering and performance requirements, budgets and finally different types of cooking styles and methods.

As a result, AOM has developed into a One Stop Shop equipment provider with a large range of products to suit every commercial kitchen project’s needs.

2. Getting the system to perform

The project journey is a long one where margins for errors are small and many stakeholders are involved: from the Engineer who designs and specifies, to the Contractor who orders, installs and commissions and finally the End User who operates and relies on the product day in day out to run a business.

Consequently AOM has put in place a team for the whole project lifecycle. From our design team, to our quality control processes and to our servicing team, AOM supports each project stakeholder every step of the way.

AOM Australia has sales and servicing teams as well as manufacturing partners operating in all Australian States. So don’t hesitate to contact us for any query you may have or visit our project page to get a better idea of what we can offer.


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