Honeycomb filters

AOM HS Series Stainless Steel Honeycomb filters

Efficient first step in-hood grease filter certified to AS1530.1

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Product Description

Fully compliant to relevant Australian and International standards
AOM Stainless Steel Honeycomb Filters comply with the BCA and the relevant Australian Standards:
• AS1668 Mechanical ventilation in buildings Part 1-2015 and Part 2-2012
• Tested and certified as a non-combustible material to AS1530.1

High efficiency filtration of large grease particles with low resistance
AOM HS Series honeycomb filters have been tested to:
• Velocity: 1.78 m/s
Clean resistance: 15 Pa
Average efficiency: 97% (8 microns)
• Velocity: 2.54 m/s
Clean resistance: 25 Pa
Average efficiency: 96% (8 microns)

Supplied with all AOM HC Series Hoods
All AOM HC Series hoods come equipped with AOM HS Series stainless steel honeycomb filters. These can also be purchased and fitted into any other hood model based on the two standardised models HS02 and HS04.

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