AOM Ducted UVC Emitter – Germicidal

In-duct UV lamp for grease particle treatment and odour mitigation of light commercial kitchen or residential kitchen exhaust


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Product Description

Easy to install in new Air Conditioning systems or retrofit in an existing system
Installed from the exterior surface of ductwork, the AOM UVC emitter allows for quick and easy installation.

Equipped with Ultraviolet – C (UVC) irradiation which has proven germicidal capabilities against bacteria, viruses and other airborne pathogens.
AOM Ducted UVC Emitter is a great fit for new and retrofit ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality and alleviate environmental health impacts. The emitters are ideal for small ventilation systems to disinfect supply air prior to it being push back into the space.

Internationally certified and tested
The unit is recognised internationally with CE and RoHS certifications to attest for its quality and safety.

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