AOM AC9500 Portable Air Purifier

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Product Description

A revolutionary air purifying system with artificial intelligence

AOM AC9500 purifies air through a 10-stage filtration process that captures microbes, particulate dust, pollen, odour and chemical contaminants that can cause nasal manifestations, asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. It also removes fine hair and odour generated from pets to minimize allergic reactions.

Covering up to 100 sqm and this purifier adopts advanced air filtration technologies such as Pre-filter, Nano Silver Filter, HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter, Five-Layer Photocatalyst Filter, and Ultraviolet (UV) Light.

AOM AC9500 generates negative ions which have been linked to reducing symptoms of depression, stress and help to increase metabolism.

Using an inbuilt artificial intelligence sensor, AOM AC9500 displays indoor air quality on the LCD panel ensuring peace of mind.

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