New AOM ECOBOX Series kitchen exhaust filtration units hit the market (flying)


First project roll outs of AOM ECOBOX Series filtration units are a significant success with customised units integrating AOM high quality commercial kitchen exhaust filtration products with options such as exhaust fans / VSDs, AutoWash features and AOM Remote control and command technology.

Fully designed, customized and assembled in Australia, AOM ECOBOX Series fully customised and integrated commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration units are now being supplied to customers nationwide. And the initial results are a testament to the thought, innovation and experience that has been put into designing and testing these units.

Ideal for a plant room or a roof top location, the AOM design team begins with the customisation of the ECOBOX unit based on the project requirements. Recent supply projects include:

  • Hurricanes Bar and Grill, Bondi Beach Sydney where a ECOBOX 2400 T / C is currently being installed – Triple pass electrostatic precipitators with activated carbon for odour mitigation.
  • QV Building, Little Sichuan Tenancy, Melbourne: See our project reference here. Installation of a ECOBOX 1200 T / O / Fan – Triple pass electrostatic precipitators with ozone injection for odour removal integrated with an kitchen exhaust fan and VSD.
  • Two Melbourne Quarter, Melbourne where two ECOBOX units integrated with AutoWash cleaning functions have recently been craned up to their respective plant room locations.

All AOM ECOBOX Series filtration units are backed by AOM’s in depth performance and quality control testing. We aim to continuously improve the information available to offer our Clients the most comprehensive performance guarantees. We call this Engineering Confidence.