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3 x AOM HCFO Series kitchen exhaust hoods with in hood high efficiency particle matter filtration and odour mitigation together with in AOM in duct SCRUBBOX 800 units for the large chargrill cooking line.

6 Head

The Rocks, Sydney

The Campbell’s Stores is a heritage-listed former warehouse building in the inner city Sydney suburb of The Rocks. The Victorian Georgian building previously served as store houses and maritime bonded warehouses. It was built from 1850 to 1861. So when the Seagrass Hospitality Group planned to open their new premium steakhouse – 6 Head – AOM Australia HCFO Series hoods where the clean option.

Nestled in a preserved 1839 heritage building crafted from sandstone and hand-sawed timbers, 6 Head’s ethos is to not just be another steak restaurant, but an alchemy of many components emulsified to create a magical guest experience.

The complexity of the cooking is translated into the complexity of the cooking equipment and the commercial kitchen exhaust. High particle concentrations and complex odour emissions had to be treated. AOM Australia were appointed to provide 3 x HCFO Series Kitchen Exhaust Hoods fitted with electrostatic precipitators and ozone generators into the commercial kitchen.

A further AOM SCRUBBOX 800 was installed in the ductwork in order to mitigate smoke and grease from the large chargrill cooking equipment.

Our servicing teams continue to maintain this equipment and ensuring high efficiency grease filtration within the exhaust hood. This significantly limits the buildup of grease in exhaust ducting and ensures that the fire risk of the system remains negligible. Thus helping in keeping one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings safe.

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