AOM Australia Receives Waverley Council Approval on Odour Management System

Waverley Council had a strict “No Odour” requirement for The Pacific Club in Bondi Beach’s new PACIFIC development. The council required an independent odour assessment report prior to allowing the restaurant to open.

The Pacific Club’s kitchen includes a solid fuel fire pit creating a filtration and odour challenge as the equipment is subject to high temperatures for long periods at a time, and is required to filter smoke particles and grease from the meat, as well as live embers and sparks from the fire pit. The equipment needed to ensure that no visible smoke or odour was discharged at the residence and hotel levels.

Odour sampling was taken during non-peak and peak operating scenarios to ensure that the equipment held up to the most demanding of cooking situations. AOM’s filtration and odour mitigation equipment passed all testing and received a council “approved” stamp leaving The Pacific Club to get on with the launch of their exciting new restaurant.

The approved status is a testament to the research and development AOM has undertaken to ensure efficient filtration and odour mitigation equipment. Independent testing has shown that AOM filtration and odour mitigation equipment passes council requirements making it a proven choice for AOM Australia’s customers.