Barangaroo Sydney – Audit of 25 tenancies shows only AOM Australia units performing to specifications


Or how hundred of thousands of dollars worth of installed filtration systems don’t work


Barangaroo – Lend Lease managed with commercial kitchen filtration systems

The Barangaroo food precinct is one of the top dinning destinations in Sydney. Managed by Lend Lease, the 25 tenancies located in the precinct are equipped with individual (tenancy level) commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems. As per Lend Lease requirements, the systems are composed of electrostatic precipitators for particle (grease) filtration (all tenancies) and ozone injection for odour mitigation (majority of tenancies).

Only AOM Australia equipment regularly serviced and performing to specifications

The Audit, carried out in January 2020 showed that 25 tenancies that were audited, only 5 of the tenancies were been regularly serviced through the AOM service provider. Only those 5 tenancies had commercial kitchen exhaust filtration equipment performing to the required Lend Lease specifications. Roughly 5 years after opening, these tenancies are still benefiting from the AOM after sales advantages of extended equipment warranty and no additional purchase of spare parts and electrostatic cells.

The remaining 20 tenancies had non operational commercial kitchen exhaust filtration equipment from other suppliers. This equated to an estimated value of $300,000 worth of HVAC assets that are currently not been utilized to their value.

Expensive spare parts and cells and poor after sales support

The Audit underlined that the majority of Restaurants not having AOM Australia filtration systems blamed poor after sales support from equipment suppliers and the high cost of spare electrostatic cells and parts as main reason for not servicing the equipment.

The Audit was also extended to a larger auto wash common filtration system which was also not performing to specifications. Again, poor after sales support from the supplier of the equipment was noted and required repairs and regular maintenance could not be done. This is a further estimated $400,000 worth of equipment not performing to specifications.

Only AOM Australia offers dedicated After sales service and maintenance support

AOM Australia has taken the opportunity of the COVID-19 lockdown to reinforce and strength our after sales and service/maintenance support. With a new servicing partner, we have extended our offer on all our equipment and reinforced the training of service technicians. Servicing team are now back on the road and supporting AOM equipment users to get back into the business of cooking.

Filtration equipment is only as good as the servicing and maintenance of the equipment. AOM Australia prides itself on its strong commitment to after sales and maintenance of our equipment. We work day to day with our hospitality customers to understand their requirements and ensure that they are in the best position to run their business.