MKR: featuring AOM Australia!


Did you see the final of My Kitchen Rules MKR 2020 (click here if you missed it!)? The drama, the suspense, the stress, the food and….the exhaust hoods!

The final episode of the season was held in the beautiful 6 Heads Campbell Cove restaurant in the Rocks Sydney. The restaurant is located in the Campbell Stores, a preserved 1839 heritage building crafted from chiselled sandstone and hand-sawed timbers.

AOM HC Series hoods – minimising impacts of commercial kitchen exhaust.

AOM HC Series exhaust hoods were specified by mechanical engineering in order to achieve high efficiency grease filtration to limit the impact of the discharge of commercial kitchen exhaust and to minimize the fire risk of the system. The restaurant specializes in meat grilling – the 6Head name originating from colonial history of cattle imports into Sydney – and therefore, chargrilling is predominant.

AOM Australia supplied the exhaust and filtration system and has set up routine service, cleaning and maintenance of equipment with 6 Heads. This comes with added advantages such as warranty extensions on the equipment, free call out services and access to AOM banks of spare cells and equipment.

And we could not be happier to see our Client so well featured on prime time TV! Congratulations to 6 Heads.