AOM HCFO Series Kitchen Exhaust Hood

High performance low velocity kitchen exhaust hoods for the high efficiency filtration of grease and smoke as well as optimal odour mitigation, for heavy cooking

Product Description

Certified to Australian Standard
AOM HC series hoods have been certified to Australian Standards (AS1668.2-2012) and are designed to be the most efficient, cost effective and sustainable solutions for kitchen exhaust air collection and treatment.

Equipped with AOM FILTRAIR™ technology
AOM FILTRAIR™ technology is comprised of a three stage filtration system:
1 AOM stainless steel honeycomb filters for grease filtration
2 AOM Electrostatic cells for grease and smoke filtration
3 AOM OG Series Ozone Generators for odour mitigation (optional).

Certified to filter up to 98% of kitchen exhaust smoke and grease
AOM FILTRAIR™ technology has been independently tested and certified to filter up to 98% of grease and smoke from a heavy Type 4 cooking process.

Custom-made to suit the project’s needs
With a network of manufacturers covering Australia and New Zealand, AOM HCFO Series hoods are manufactured locally and custom-made to meet the requirements for each individual commercial cooking line.

The AOM HCFO hoods target to eliminate grease, smoke and odour from a heavy cooking process. The hoods are equipped with AOM stainless steel honeycomb filters, single or double electrostatics filters, ozone generators, LED lights, exhaust and supply dampers.

Hurricanes Bar and Grill

AOM kitchen exhaust hoods and filtration equipment have been installed in order to manage exhaust discharge for this new Hurricanes restaurant. AOM servicing teams guarantee that the equipment is functioning as per specifications.AOM’s automated INTAIR system ensures that the use of the filtration equipment is tied to the cooking intensity. Since this project, Hurricanes have […]

La Boca Argentinian Bar and Grill

Very challenging project with high smoke and high grease emissions coupled with high temperatures. Hood equipped with double pass filtration. Optimal use of low velocity make up air to ensure that all kitchen exhaust is contained within the hood structure and ultimately filtered. within the canopy structure. AOM Australia has equipped two La Boca tenancies […]

Spice Temple – Rockpool Group

Neil Perry’s Asian style signature restaurant recently reopened after a full kitchen exhaust refurbishment and equipped with AOM HCF Series hood for grease filtration. The AOM HC Series hood was installed to replace an inefficient UV filtration system. The UV filtration system was not adapted to the cooking style resulting in important grease buildup in […]