When Black Star Pastry’s first Melbourne hits construction delays, the AOM HCE Series modular hood comes to the rescue.

Black Star Pastry

St Kilda, Melbourne

Black Star is a cult Sydney patisserie (now a fast-growing chain) that’s become renowned for creating some of Australia’s most photogenic cakes.  So when the first ever Melbourne store, initially planned as a pop-up hit construction delays, there was panic!

Delays meant that the project timeline had to be significantly squeezed. A standard 4-6 weeks lead time for a high performance exhaust hood was not an option.

AOM Australia was able to supply an off-the-shelf HCE Series modular hood in a couple of days, significantly improving the overall supply timeframe from of our longstanding customer Caterlink.

The good people of St Kilda were able to get their fix of Black Star pastries as planned. Ultimately, the pop-up shop has become a permanent fixture and everyone lived happily ever after.

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