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AOM Australia equipped numerous tenancies in the Grosvenor Place building in CBD Sydney with high efficiency filtration equipment. This ensured that the tenants met the stringent building requirements to kitchen exhaust discharge.

Grand Duk – Grosvenor Place

Sydney NSW

Grand Duk Grosvenor Place Sydney Client Testimonial

The Grand Duk Restaurant is one of many food tenancies in Grosvenor Place ( to be equipped with AOM exhaust and filtration equipment. Grosvenor Place is located in CBD Sydney and is recognized today as an iconic Australian architectural masterpiece.

The building has strict requirements regarding the discharge of their restaurant tenants kitchen exhaust. AOM equipment ensures that these requirements are met by providing high quality exhaust and filtration equipment and after sales servicing.

AOM Australia has equipped and now services the following tenancies:

  • Grand Duk ( AOM HCFO series hood equipped with high efficiency filtration and odour mitigation equipment. This includes the AOM INTAIR system to regulate odour mitigation ozone injection to the cooking intensity.
  • Rosetta ( Double pass AOM Scrubbox EAN 600 for high efficiency grease and smoke filtration and OG Series OG50 for odour mitigation.
  • Georgie Boy’s: AOM Scrubbox EAN 600 for high efficiency grease and smoke filtration and OG Series OG35 for odour mitigation.

AOM Australia is well appreciated by the tenants as the after sales service is second to none. The building management encourages the use of AOM equipment as they are confident that the required performance will be achieved.


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