ClientTrueLine Commercial Kitchens

AOM Australia meeting the requirements to sensitive discharge points for commercial kitchen exhaust by supplying tenancy specific exhaust and filtration equipment.

Montague Markets

Brisbane, Queensland

Montague Market is a new residential and retail center located in the heart of Brisbane. When F&B tenancies were advised to equip their exhaust systems with high efficient particle filtration and odour mitigation, AOM Australia was called upon to specify and supply the equipment.

AOM Australia’s equipment comes with a performance certificate that details the in-depth research & development and independent testing. This document is second to none and allows for the engineering of compliant discharges to AS1668.2-2012.

AOM Australia has currently equipped the following tenancies in this development:

  • DA Burger West End: Heavy type 4 cooking using a open gas fired chargrill requiring a HCPFO Series commercial kitchen exhaust hood equipped with double pass electrostatic precipitator for particle filtration and ozone injection for odour mitigation.
  • Wara Sushi: Type 3-4 cooking process equipped with an AOM off-the-shelf modular hood together with SCRUBBOX Series single pass electrostatic precipitator and a CARBONBOX for odour treatment of activated carbon.

Our Bilby Group servicing partners currently work with the F&B tenancies to ensure that the equipment performs as per the specifications.