ClientRepublic of Coffee Roasting
EngineerAOM Australia in house design

High efficiency smoke filtration using AOM SCRUBBOX Electrostatic filters and odour mitigation using AOM OG Series Ozone Generators for treatment coffee roasting exhaust prior to a sensitive discharge point.

Republic of Coffee Lismore


AOM Australia designed and supplied exhaust and filtration equipment to achieve high efficiency filtration and odour mitigation of coffee roasting exhaust in order to minimise impact of the discharge on the local environment.

The designed and supplied equipment included:
– 2 x SCRUBBOX 200 electrostatic precipitators in double pass configuration
– 2 x OG35 ozone generators for odour mitigation
– 1 x Exhaust capture hood located over coffee roaster flue and designed

The project was installed and commissioned in August 2016 and has been running since. The location of the roasting facilities are in the Republic of Coffee cafe in central Lismore, meaning that the exhaust discharge is located in a sensitive urban environment.

Republic of Coffee coffee is a high quality product that can be purchased online and delivered throughout Australia from their website. 

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