AOM Modular hoods – When you need a hood and you need it now!


But lead times are killing you!

And you don’t want to pay crazy amounts.

But your customer wants to get that shop open yesterday!

AOM Australia has designed a range of off-the-shelf modular hoods that can be assembled into different lengths to suit different cooking line combinations. Similar in design to that AOM HCE Series hoods, the modules are equipped with either Stainless Steel honeycomb filters or baffle filters, LED lights and make up air plenums.

For a GREAT PRICE, you can get a HIGH QUALITY stainless steel exhaust hood ready for dispatch in a matter of DAYS from placing an order.

But if required, we can also take weeks to build it!

Take a look at the options by following the link: AOM Modular Hoods

Or check out the full range AOM HC Series  commercial kitchen exhaust hoods by clicking HERE.

We have already sent out dozens of our module hoods to very to relieved customers. Get in touch at

Or check out our project reference at the Din Tai Fung restaurant MLC Center Sydney.