New Catalogue! AOM Australia Integrated Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Solutions

AOM Australia’s lockdown baby (catalogue)

It has been a long time in the making! The AOM Integrated Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Solutions 2020 Catalogue is finally here!

The catalogue is our lockdown baby and showcases our latest innovations and our new range of Australian-made products that have the objective of adapting our business to the current market trends.

A wealth of engineering information

Following our work with AIRAH and other partners, the catalogue includes Engineering Bulletins covering key requirements to the design of commercial kitchen exhaust systems:

  1. Quick guide to designing a commercial kitchen exhaust system
  2. Composition of commercial kitchen exhaust
  3. Kitchen exhaust hood selections
  4. Cooking types and filtration needs
  5. Understanding key design/manufacturing parameters influencing electrostatic precipitator efficiency
  6. Use of mechanical filters in exhaust systems
  7. Engineering compliant air discharges
AOM Catalogue – Engineering Bulletin 1 – Quick guide to designing a commercial kitchen exhaust system

From renowned products to new innovations

Our renowned and our new products are all featured. The catalogue provides more information as to the best product applications and regarding our industry best research, development and testing information.

Product are organised in our key categories:

  •     Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
  •     Commercial Kitchen Filtration Solutions
  •     Odour Mitigation Solutions
  •     Smart Ventilation Solutions
AOM Catalogue – SCRUBBOX ESP front page


Download a soft copy, order hard copies or get a personalised zoom tour!

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