Genvolt high voltage boards to be fitted into all AOM Australia filtration units

AOM Australia has taken a significant step in improving the quality and reliability of all AOM Australia filtration units by signing an exclusive distribution agreement with Genvolt International for the supply of high voltage transformers.


A world leading high voltage supplier

Genvolt International is one of the world’s leading companies working in the design, supply and manufacture of High Voltage Power Supplies. Based in the UK with a company history dating back from 1985 and certified to ISO9001-2015, the company operates in multiple sectors from laboratory and scientific research through to air filtration.

High Voltage and filtration performance

This partnership stems from AOM Australia recognising that a high quality high  voltage board is a key element to improving the quality and performance of the AOM SCRUBBOX and ECOBOX filtration products. Current ESP models found on the market rely solely on the high voltage board supplied from the manufacturer and these are often supplied from unknown Chinese sources. The performance and the reliability of these units is poor thus significantly affecting the efficiencies of the units.

AOM Australia’s General Manager, Sven Bolomey underlines the importance of the partnership as “yet another step in our strategy of improving the performance of our filtration equipment. We are moving away from simply importing and then reselling filtration units. We have a commitment to working with reputable suppliers for all our parts and components and being able to offer a high quality product and after sales support.”

A constant flow of high voltage is a key component to the performance of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP). Multiple international studies have underlined the importance of the applied voltage to the particle capture efficiencies of ESPs. As an example, Skodras (2006) states that research parameters revealed that small particles are harder to collect and that the most efficient way to increase the collecting performance is to increase the wire voltage or lower the entry velocity.

High voltage generally applied in ESP units for commercial kitchen exhaust systems are in the range of 12-14 kV for charging wires and 6-7 kV for collection plates. This range of applied voltages already generate significant differences in ESP unit filtration efficiencies when a standardised test method is compared (ASHRAE 52.2) at a similar test velocity. This is shown in the below table of a selection of units available on the local market.

A full review of parameters that influence ESP performance is presented in our AOM Engineering Bulletin 0009 Parameters to improved ESP capture efficiencies

Future opportunities

“This is an exciting opportunity for AOM Australia. We now have the capacity to work with a reputable company in the field of high voltage supply and rely on their expertise and experience. This will allow us to continually improve our products, as allow for custom build solutions and even apply our knowledge into new fields”  states Erick Matias, AOM Australia’s Head of Electrical Design.

Sandeep Gupta, Head for Genvolt in Asia-Pacific states that “Genvolt has a successful track record in designing and manufacturing high voltage supply solutions for air filtration equipment. We are excited to work with a reputable company such as AOM Australia in supplying solutions for both their national and international sales. We also hope that this partnership will allow us to apply our know-how in other sectors in the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

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