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Din Tai Fung is a major international restaurant chain delivery great Chinese food. When the opening of their new store in the MLC Center Sydney ran into delays, AOM Australia was able to supply HCE Series Modular hoods in short lead times and cheaper prices than custom built equivalents.

Din Tai Fung

MLC Center - Sydney

AOM Australia required a 1 week lead time to supply a new Din Tai Fung tenancy in Sydney with 5 x commercial kitchen exhaust hoods as off-the-shelf HCE Series modular hoods

Faced with a project that had been delayed due to building constraints and a customer pushing to get a new store opened, major mechanical contractor A.G Coombs were in a difficult situation. The commercial kitchen exhaust hoods were identified as a clear critical point in the project timeline. Lead time for the supply of the hoods was a key element to success.

AOM Australia, using our off-the-shelf module hoods was able to supply what would be a minimum 4 week lead time manufacturing job, in 1 week. Five hoods of divers sizes were required for both front of house and back of house kitchens. This order put to the test our commitment to deliver our modular hoods in the shortest possible lead time.

Lower lead times mean quicker project turnarounds with both contractors and clients able to move business forwards faster

Our choice for the design of our modular hoods is based on the above premises and it was fully applicable to the Din Tai Fung project. An added advantage – modular hoods are comparatively cheaper than a custom built equivalent.

The project therefore benefited from a cheaper supply price in addition to short lead times. A win win for all.

For more information on AOM Australia’s range of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods click HERE.

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