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Five Points Burgers is rated as one of the best burger restaurants in Sydney. They make a lot of burgers. AOM Australia ensures that their exhaust is filtered of smoke and grease and that odour are mitigated prior to discharge.

Five Points Burgers

Sydney NSW

Five Points Burgers Sydney Client Testimonial

Five Points Burgers in North Sydney is rated as one of the best burger restaurants in Sydney. Lunch time queues regularly form in front of the tenancy. Five Points Burgers make “a hell of a lot of burgers”!

AOM Australia supplied a HCPFO Series kitchen exhaust hood in May 2016. The hood is equipped with high efficiency double pass electrostatic precipitators for grease and smoke filtration as well as ozone generators for odour mitigation.

The exhaust discharge point is positioned at a low level in the CBD of North Sydney. With the quantity of burgers that are cooked daily, the discharge point is sensitive. The kitchen exhaust requires high efficiency grease and smoke filtration and odours need to be dealt with prior to discharge.

AOM services the hood on a monthly basis to ensure that it performs as per the required specifications. This allows Five Points Burgers to focus on cooking great burgers.

Five Points Burger is happy with AOM HCPFO Series kitchen exhaust hood, have a look on the testimonial :







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